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Tamil interface to (Classical) Tamil Literature Search
Tamil dictionary in Unicode at the University of Chicago.

How to use this wrapper ?
Type any word in TSCII Tamil using Anjal or eKalappai.
Example: To search for , type in the box, choose Tamil and then click .
Or you can type any English word (select English input) to find equivalent Tamil words.
Example : To search for words related to cow, type cow in the box, choose English and click Search.

The original interface does not differentiate between 'kuril' and 'netil'. So typing will be searched as
This is a not an interface problem. The matching words will be found, if available.

The search results will be displayed in Tamil. So choose User-defined encoding in your browser.
With this setting, you will see 'thedu' in Tamil, in the clickable button above.
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Online Tamil Lexicon (OTL) at University of Cologne.

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