Tamil Literature Text Search - TSCII Interface


â , â .

Ӹ .
(:) , Ш측ﺢ, Ȣﺢ, οš, , , θ, ո, տá,
(򦾡:) Ȣ, 󦾡, , , â, Ģý, , ȿ

á, á½, , Ÿ, , , Ţ¡á, Ž, š, , ¡, 츽, ƦƢ, âá, , ŢĢþ, Ҹ, š, þ¡ , ɡá Ө, ȡ .

This interface uses TSCII converted versions of all Tamil works publicly available from the Tamil Library at University of Cologne. It also uses the etexts of Tiruppugazh and other works, obtained from Project Madurai.

How to use this interface?

By default, you should see Tamil characters on this page. You will also see 'thedu' in Tamil, in the clickable button above. If not, choose user-defined encoding in your browser and double check if you have installed TSCII fonts.

Type any word in TSCII Tamil using Anjal or eKalappai.
Example: To search for , choose a Tamil literature (or all works) and type in the box. Then click button.

The search results from the (selected) Tamil works will be displayed.

Ver. 2.4 / Mar. 19, 2008 / Dr. S. Anbumani / Hosted on Tamilelibrary.org with support from Dr. K. Kalyanasundaram