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Institute of Asian Studies, Chennai, India

General: This is the leading institution involved in research on various aspects of South India and Tamil Nadu. Several outstanding publications have been brought out and a new campus built with generous financial support from Tokyo University and Tamil Nadu Government. The authors are great scholars of international fame. The co-directors are Dr. G. John Samuel and Dr. Shu Hikosaka. The Institute also brings out The Journal of Asian Studies twice yearly from Madras with which peer-reviewed original research articles by international scholars.


Distinguished professors working here include:

  • Dr. J. Parthasarathi - a descendent of Mu. Raghavaiyangar who published Sasana tamilkkavi caritam, peruntokai, nariviruttam of tiruttakka thEvar

  • Mu. Canmukam - an eminent student of S. Vaiyapuri Pillai who brought scientific dating methods to date tamil works.

  • M. Shanmukam - former professor of Linguistiscs from Madurai Kamaraj University, now Head of the Tamil Department at the IAS and Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Asian Studies

  • M.K. Raman - who worked under U.V. Swaminathaiyar and several others
  • Publications:

    The institute has been publishing since its founding in 1982. For information, write to the Director Dr. G. John Samuel or visit the Institute while you are at Madras.

  • Encyclopaedia of Tamil Literature The first two volumes are out. It will be complete in 15 volumes. This monumental task is a decade-old effort by an international team of scholars.

  • A Descriptive Catalogue of Palm-leaf Manuscripts in Tamil Three volumes in two parts each have been published. When completed in about 25 volumes, this project will unearth new prabandhas and perhaps even some Cankam-age poems.

  • The Eight Anthologies A study in early Tamil literature, translated by Dr. John Ralston Marr, 556 pp. 1985

  • Ananta tantava of Siva Sadanrttamurtti tranlated by Dr. Kamil Zvelebil, 1985

  • The Wandering Voice three ballads from palm-leaf manuscripts, 1987, 214 pp.

  • Buddhism in Tamil Nadu: A New Perspective by Dr. Shu Hikosaka, 260 pp, 1989

  • The Unsung Melodies: The Story of Palavecam Cervaikaran

  • Tamil Traditions on Subramanya Murugan by Dr. K.V. Zvelebil, 1991, 142 pp.

  • Elder Brothers Story (Annanmar katai) translated by Dr. Brenda Beck, 2 volumes, 431 p and 500 p.

  • The Divine Pilgrimage: Perumal cami katai 1992, 340 pp.

  • The Harp and the Veena, by Dr. G. John Samuel, 1993. Similarities between P.B. Shelley and Bharathiyar.

  • A Word Index for Cankam Literature by Dr. Thomas Malten, 1993, 424 pp

  • The story of Cantanat Tevan

  • Literary genre in Tamil by Dr. A.V. Subramaniyam

    A complete Webpage list of IAS publications is available.

  • Contact Address:

    Dr. G. John Samuel, Director
    Institute of Asian Studies
    Chemmancheri, Sholinganallur
    Chennai 600 119 INDIA

    Tel: 91-44-496-0831; 91-44-496-1662; 91-44-496-0085
    Fax: 91-44-496-0959
    E-mail: ias@xlweb.com

    IAS Website

    In October 1997 the Institute of Asian Studies started its own Web site. This Web site has been growing fast and now includes:

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