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Sending and Receiving SMS messages in Tamil
on Mobile Telephones

1. SELLINAM TAMIL SMS of Murasu Systems (Muthu Nedumaran)

Ref. urls: http://www.murasu.com/mobile/bear gay polar
Phone models and capabilities.
Where to get Sellinam Activation Cards?

Quote from Murasu.com
World's first Tamil SMS Lanuched! /15 January 2005

We are pleased to let you know that "Sellinam" - the Tamil name for our family of Mobile software - was successfully launched on the 15th of Jan 2005, under the banner of Oli96.8FM, Singapore's Tamil Radio.

Kavipperarasu Vairamuthu had the first Tamil SMS message composed on a Sony Ericsson Z1010 mobile phone which was sent to Mrs. Ramachandran, wife of the owner of Ananda Bhavan restaurant, Oli98.8 and Dr. Re Karthigesu who received the message in Penang, Malaysia. The event was supported by Sony Ericsson.

The event was carried live by Oli and appeared on TV news the next day. Friends in Malaysia may want to see the story in Tamil Nesan (17 January 2005) and Malaysia Nanban (18 January 2005).

Since the launch, our mailboxes are getting flooded with hundreds of emails from enthusiastic users from all over the world who want to immediately start sending Tamil SMS messages. We apologise for not providing the details on time. The response from the local users alone was overwhelming and all our resources are being deployed to ensure that the delivery and use of "Sellinam" goes without a glitch.

In the meantime, we are working on a "frequently asked questions" list and will provide you with as much information as possible from time to time. We ask for your patience and understanding.

Once again, thank you for all your support and we look forward to delivering Sellinam to other parts of the world as soon as possible.

Singapore Oli Tamil Radio Station accepts Tamil SMS messages
Ref: http://www.oli.sg/tamilsms/index.htm

Singapore's tamil radio station has just launched a sms program or service that allows you to input tamil characters into sms. Apparently, they are the first ones to come up with something like this. If i'm not wrong, its an application and freeware. To check it out, just head over to www.oli.com.sg. Cheers


ref urls; http://www.microimage.com/mobile/Tamil/index.asp?

Microimage Arichchuwadu Tamil Messaging is revolutionary PATENTED mobile messaging application developed for Sinhalese messaging. This is the 1st ever s uccessful Tamil messaging product developed for mobile phones in the World. The product is currently PATENTS pending. The messaging product facilitates,

# Phone to Phone SMS (Text Messages)
# Phone to Phone MMS (Multimedia Message)
# Phone to Email

In order to facilitate SMS messaging both sender and recipient should have the Microimage Arichchuwadu Mobile Edition. This supports only high end java enabled handsets which is equipped with MIDP 2.0 standard. Microimage offers the product in 2 stages due to limitations of handsets in the market which it targets. The initial product will facilitate only MMS/Email capabilities which supported by a large number of mobile phones (low/high end java based handsets). The next stage would be to introduce the Phone to Phone SMS product which supports high end handsets (Java MIDP 2). The product will be released soon as market for high end java handsets is expected to rise from this year.

The Arichchuwadu Tamil Messaging can be used in any brand of mobile phone s uch as Nokia, Samsung, Sony-Ericsson, etc. Handsets need to be Java-enabled to transmit a Tamil SMS, but any MMS-enabled mobile phone can receive and display such a message, whether or not it is Java-enabled. This solution will be soon available for smart phones as well, which use Microsoft technology.

A Tamil message could also be sent from a mobile phone to a computer as an email message which could be displayed using any email software or email services such as hotmail, yahoo, etc, without any additional downloads.


Here is a collection of websites from which you can download free Tamil ringtones for your mobile phones !!
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