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Online resources for using Tamil Unicode on computers

Tamil Unicode Resources

There is growing number of Websites, ezines and blogs on the Net that are based on Tamil Unicode. First you need to have Unicode Tamil fonts installed on your computer. Windows 2000 and XP, Macintosh OS 10.4 are capable of rendering unicode based Tamil texts. Windows XP and Mac OS comes with a Unicode Tamil Font (Latha and Inaimathi) . So with these OS, there is no need to need to download/install a unicode font. If you are interested in aesthetics, then there are many Tamil Unicode fonts available free on the Net for use.
On Windows XP or 2000 OS, you need to first enable Tamil Unicode by carriyng out the following steps:
From Start, go to settings, control panel and then select the regional settings.
Install the Asian font capability. (You might be asked to place the WinXP OS disk).
After you install the Asian font capability , select the regional font option again
and select advanced. Select the Tamil language option.

see also: Alan Wood's website on Unicode:

1) Unicode Fonts that include Tamil character block

2) Tamil Unicode Font /Text coverter
There are a number of Text/file convertors available for use online (and offline) that permit conversion of Tamil text files to/from Unicode to other popular Tamil font encoding formats. Here we list some of them.

3) Tamil Unicode Keyboard Editor
Keyboard Editors allow text input as per Tamil Unicode.

4) Tamil Unicode Help
Tamil Unicode on earlier windows 98 or Win2000 PCs
Windows 98 and ME versions of Windows platform; Though these OS inherently are not Unicode enabled, they can be used to read Tamil webpages correctly. For this, you need to first install one of the free Tamil Unicode font and make sure that you have the correct version of the font rendering dll (usp10.dll). You may download this dll file and many Tamil unicode fonts from the download section of this "Tamil Electronic Library" website:
Windows 98 Support usp10.dll file
Dr. Ram Ravindran has provided the following note on
Text Input in Tamil Unicode on Windows 98 or 2000 PCs
Most of the PC computer users use either Win 98 or XP operating systems. I recognize there are some of us who use Mac and Linux machines.

Win 98 OS and the applications that go with them donít support Unicode format. However, if you have Win 98 you can input in Unicode Tamil.

Recently (March 2004) most of us came to know of a neat freeware program called LedLineIt!. This program allows you to create Unicode font Tamil documents. All you need is e- Kalappai 1.0 or 2.0 with the Unicode kmx file.
You can create a Unicode Tamil document with the use of Thenee, AVarangal or TSCArparnar fonts. This program doesnít use any dll or Windows hook ups. However the exe file is about 3.4 megs.

If you have IE explorer 5.5 or higher you can use Ledlineit to create Unicode Tamil text and cut and paste it in Hotmail or Yahoo Webmail email text boxes. So if you have Win 98 you can in fact read and write in Unicode Tamil in the email. Likewise you can paste it in Blogs.

Using Leadlineit , you can save the Unicode document file and print it out as well. As a matter of fact, you can even save the document as a HTML file for uploading to a free Web hosting service. So you can use it as a HTML editor as well.

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