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Thamizh thaai vaazhthu - Official Prayer Hymn of Tamilnadu Govt, and
Tamil Calender based on thiruvaLLuvar

thamizh thaai vaazhthu -1 (as recited in Tamilnadu functions)

Here are the original verses of Sundaram Pillai from which the current edited versions are drawn from:

thamizh thaai vaazhthu -2

Here is another verse devoted to Tamil Goddess that my wife recalls learning while she was in school. She does not remember the author of this verse. If you do know who it is, please let me know so that I can give proper acknowledgment to the author here.

Thiruvalluvar Day and
Tamil Calendar based on Thiruvalluvar Day

Maraimalai AdigaL did extensive research on the date of thiruvaLLuvar. While presiding over the Thiruvalluvar Day conference of Thiruvalluvar Kazhagam held on 18 Jan 1935, he declared that thiruvaLLuvar was born 30 years before the birth of Jesus and suggested Tamils to keep the Tamil Calender with this as the reference. His suggestion that the Tamil Thiruvalluvar year can be obtained by adding 31 years to the Christian Calender is being followed since then. Hence Year 1999 (B.C) is equivalent to year 2030 in Thiruvalluvar Calender.

In 1969 when Mr. Karunanidhi took over the leadership of the Tamilnadu Govt, he ordered that the day after Pongal will be celebrated as Thiruvalluvar Day all over Tamilnadu (also declared as govt. holiday). The second day of Thai (thai thingaL) is being celebrated as Thiruvalluvar Day since 1974. Tamil Calender based on the birth of Thiruvalluvar was also adopted by the Tamilnadu Govt in 1971 and has been in use in govt. notes (since 1971), in govt gazette (since 1972) and in all govt. offices (1981).

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